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GLDYTIMES 10x2.125 Tire and Inner Tube, 10 Inch Scooter Tires and Tube Replacement for Ninebot D40X F25 F30 F35 F40 F60 F65 Gotrax G4 Turboant X7 Hiboy S2 pro Max Smart Self Balancing Scooter Tyre

GLDYTIMES 10x2.125 Tire and Inner Tube, 10 Inch Scooter Tires and Tube Replacement for Ninebot D40X F25 F30 F35 F40 F60 F65 Gotrax G4 Turboant X7 Hiboy S2 pro Max Smart Self Balancing Scooter Tyre

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  • 😎Tire Size 10 x 2.125, Rim Size 6" Inch. They fits for many electric folding bikes, kids bikes, strollers, smart electric scooters, 10 inch Unicycle, tricycles, 3 wheelers. Our 10x2/54-152 scooter inner tube also fit for 10x1.75, 10X1.90 ,10x1.95, 10x2, 10x2.125.
  • 😎Great compatibility: Our bike tires and inner tubes 10x2.125 10x2/54-152 are compatible with most electric self balance scooters kids mini bike, strollers, and tricycles with 10x1.95-10x1.75-10x2.125 and 10.5x2.25tires.Please notice the valve size with your origion one.
  • 😎Made heavy duty from quality materials: This premium heavy duty bike wheel stands well against wear and tear and is designed with an expertly engineered tread pattern for increased grip on slippery terrain. The scooter tires have an upgraded nylon cord fabric and bead chaffers for enhanced strength against folding and impact. This reduces the chances of tire bulging and blowouts.
  • 😎PACKGDE INCLUDES: 1 x tire + 1 x Inner Tube with Angled Stem TR87. If there is any problem, please contact us in time, please confirm whether the size is suitable before placing an order.
  • 😎Note: Installing these tires quickly takes skill. If you don't have the right skills or the right tools. It is recommended to install tires in a professional bicycle repair shop, which can ensure the success rate of tire installation.
10 Inch Scooter Tire and Tube

10-inch scooter tyres are suitable for the following models, as well as more scooter:

  1. Our universal 10" Inch Tyre & Tube is also compatible with xiaomi m365/m365pro/F500-F10/Gotrax G4/S2 Pro/Gotrax G Max Electric Scooter MAX3/ES500 Pro/ S006 Electric Scooter.
  2. 10x2.125 inner tube and tire kit Fits for many electric folding bikes, kids bikes, strollers, electric scooters, tricycles, 10 Inch Unicycle, Smart Hoverboard Self Balancing Electric Scooter, self balancing unicycle, 2-wheel Scooter Wheel .
10 Inch Scooter Tires


  • 10 x 2.125 Tyre made of high-quality rubber material, with rubber grooves on the surface, has excellent grip, wear resistance and non-slip resistance, fast heat dissipation and long life. Give you confidence to face any path.

Inner tube

  • The inner tube is made from brand new isobutylene isoprene rubber, which is better than natural rubber in air tightness, elastic damping and aging resistance.
  • Inner tube is made of butyl rubber that features good resistance to penetration, mineral acids and aging as well as extreme temperatures, providing good protection and making these rubber inner tubes durable enough for long time using.



10 Inch Scooter Tire and Tube



  • When our tires and pneumatic tires bear the same force, all angles can play an elastic role, increasing the anti-slip area under force, plus a reasonable anti-slip pattern design, effectively increasing the anti-slip effect.


TR87 bent valve stem


  • With the ability to withstand pressure changes, the valves are well made and can retain more pressure, which are nice replacement accessories for scooter.


Thicker inner tube


  • Outstanding Safety Features: The 1.2mm thick rubber absorbs shocks on bumpy road, gives the baby a comfy and quiet ride, it also comes with explosion proof function that is safe to use for all seasons.


10 Inch Scooter Tires


  • Suitable for Xiaomi m365 / Pro / 1S electric scooters and others 10 inch electric scooter.
  • Made of high quality rubber material, sturdy and durable.
  • Characterized by shock absorption and slip resistance.
  • Great replacement accessory for the old or broken one.
  • The replacement inner tire is extremely convenient and simple to install and detach.
  • Anti-slip design: can be used in rainy and rainy days, safe driving.
10 Inch Scooter Tires

Please Read Before Installation

  1. Carefully check inside wall of tire with finger and clean all thorns,splinters or sands.
  2. Please fill inner tube with some air before installation.
  3. Please Use A Tire Pry Bar,DO NOT use any sharp tools such as screw driver to replace tire and inner tube.
  4. Please do pump tire as rated PSI pressure, do not over pressure.
Manufacturers: GLDYTIMES FEC
Tire & Tube Size: 10 x 2.125
Outer Diameter: 254mm (10")
Tire Side width: 52mm (2.05")
Inner Tube Valve Stem: Angled Stem TR87
Package includes : 1*Tire and Tube
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