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GLDYTIMES Scooter Control Board Original Assembly Compatible for Segway Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES4 Electric Scooter

GLDYTIMES Scooter Control Board Original Assembly Compatible for Segway Ninebot ES1 ES2 ES4 Electric Scooter

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controller board



  • The electric scooter controller board is designed for Ninebot ES1L/ ES2/ES4 electric scooter.
  • It is the perfect replacement for the original controller.


control board

Features :


  • The electric scooter controller is made of high quality metal material for maximum durability, which can well protect the internal parts and long service life.



  • Our USB Controller Instrument Circuit Board has been upgraded, and you can directly install it on your electric scooter. Installation is simple and convenient.



  • We will provide installation instructions for the controller, so you don't have to worry about not knowing how to install the controller or installing it incorrectly.



ninebot control board

main control board

controller board



  1. After installing the controller, if your electric scooter cannot switch on, please upgrade your APP and connect your electric scooter to the APP and check the cause of startup failure.
  2. Please note that the three round holes in the controller cannot be connected in the wrong order, otherwise your scooter will not operate normally.




  1. This is Ninebot controller, please make sure your scooter is genuine, otherwise it will not be able to use.
  2. It is a brand new product, and the installation is very simple. If the product you received is damaged, it might be crushed during transportation. You need to contact to us and we will replace a new product.




  1. Only the main controller is damaged, not the Bluetooth board is damaged, you can directly replace it.
  2. The old main controller short circuit is the main reason for burning the Bluetooth circuit board.
  3. Before buying and installing, please confirm which part you are damaged. We suggest buying a brand new dashboard and main controller.



1. The ES1 ES2 ES4 controller reports error code 42. The external battery used by the customer does not have communication or the communication fails. It is recommended to remove the external battery or purchase the external battery through the official website.

2. Normally, the cause of necrosis after the controller has been used for a few days is mainly because the original battery has no reverse current protection, which will cause the controller circuit board to burn out and become unusable. Next, the new controller will increase the diameter of the copper core of the energized circuit to avoid high current burning out the connection part.

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