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GLDYTIMES Acrylic Mirror Style Removable Decal Vinyl Art Wall Sticker Home Decor Children Room Decoration(sunflower2 Silver)

GLDYTIMES Acrylic Mirror Style Removable Decal Vinyl Art Wall Sticker Home Decor Children Room Decoration(sunflower2 Silver)

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1. If the wall you are pasting is rough, we suggest you use foam glue, it will stick firmly.

2. If the package you received is damaged, it may be damaged during transportation. Please contact customer service to replace the product for free.
There is a protect film on the surface. Please tear it off after pasting mirror sticker on the wall. It looks very shiny. 100% new and high qualityNon-toxic, environmental protection.Easy to apply & remove, not reusable.

Use tips 1, tear off the protective film on the surface of the product 2, keep the smooth and tidy wall of your DIY

3. Paste the product on the wall. In order to make the product firmly attached to the wall, we can use the sticker we provided before sticking it.
Note that when you open the product, you may find that there are some scratched marks or dust on the product. But please don't worry, because the product is covered by the protective film. So if you tear down the protective film, you can see a brand-new clean mirror paste.
Guarantee: there is a problem in buying products within 1 years. We can give you stickers free of charge.

This decorative mirror is made of quality acrylic. Compared to mirrors made of PS, it's more wearable and no more scratches.
It is also a great alternative to traditional glass mirrors: up to seventeen times more impact resistant than glass mirrors of equal thickness.

Mind that the decal is not exactly like a mirror - the reflection is fuzzy and blurry, and depends on the surface that the decal is placed on. The smoother the surface the clearer the reflection will be, but it will NOT be as clear as a real mirror.

Just stick it on the wall, and you're done. And they can be applied to all types of surface and are easily removable.
The mirrors work better on FLAT and SMOOTH surfaces (e.g., glass, tiles, etc.). Textured surface will affect their ability to stick to the surface.

【Easy installation】 Easy to paste on the decal without any messy paint and brushes.
Easily removable without damaging your wall. Acrylic material: Environmentally safe, non-toxic, odor-free, and suitable for the family's safe home space.

【Service Protection】
If you encounter any problems during installation, please feel free to contact our staff, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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